default folder icon

opensuse 11.4 and kde 4.6.1:
so, I would like to change the default blue oxygen icon, I went to system settings (now is configure desktop), file association, select inode and directory, click on the icon and change it to the one I like.
Click ok, reboot but the blue folder icon is also there, how can I change this icon to one I like better???
thnks :slight_smile:

Please do this test:
Choose a specific, single, directory and do this: right click, properties, click on the icon and select a new icon. approve and reboot. does it revert to the “old” one ?

No, in this case it works well, and if I click on the wrench in properties it shows me the icon I choosen, but the icon in dolphin doesn’t respect the setting

Sounds like a bug. I will check on my system later today.

I tested on my suse 11.3 with kde 4.4.4 and it’s ok, the icon of folder change as expected, I think is a bug in 11.4 or kde 4.6.1