Default Folder for Wallpaper Images


Quick and easy question - where is the default folder for the images in the desktop wallpapers area?
I ask bc I really like the default wallpaper in Leap 42.1 (the black screen with the green light bulb), however that image is not available in Tumbleweed. I’d like to move it :wink:

Thanks in advance!

You can use any picture as wallpaper from any folder on your hard disk.
Just drag and drop the file to the desktop, or right-click on the desktop and choose “Desktop Settings” (or similar).

The system-wide installed wallpapers are usually located in /usr/share/wallpapers/.

openSUSE’s default wallpaper is in, surprise!, /usr/share/wallpapers/openSUSEdefault.

Surprise indeed lol

Thank you sir/madam! :wink: