(Default) Disable focus stealing prevention for XV - What's it for?

Can someone please tell me what the Window Rule “(Default) Disable focus stealing prevention for XV” is there for, in
(Configure Desktop -> Window Behavior -> Window Rules) ?

I understand what the focus stealing means, but I checked this rule, and there is nothing set in any of the TABS except the “Windows Matching” one, e.g. Regular Expression ^xv*., or something like that. Am I supposed to do my own entries, leave it as it is, or can I just delete the rule, since I can’t see what purpose it would serve not having anything set in the other tabs.


“xv” is an old image viewing program:


If you don’t use that (and I guess you don’t, otherwise you would have known it… ;)), you can of course delete that rule if you want to.

But the rule does have something set on the tab “Appearance and Fixes”: it forces the “Focus Stealing Prevention” setting to “None” for xv’s windows.

Thanks for the info! :good: