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Hi all, I installed 11.2 KDE this morning and you know how when you first boot into OpenSuse in the KDE desktop it is all pretty with the Desktop folder view right there? I accidently closed or deleted that and I would like to know if there is an easy way to get it back?

I can place my desktop icons directly on the desktop by using folder view, but I really liked that seperation on my desktop. Help a noob? thanks.

That is found in the widget menu. Right click desktop select unlock widgets. Right click again select add widgets. add the widget. posrion size it configure it what not. And the then right click desk top and lock the widets into place.

Thank you for the reply. I went searching in Add Widgets like you said and found it. “Folder View” Thanks again.

P.S. - How do I mark the topic solved?

AFAIK you can’t