Default desktop by user

Anyone know if there’s a way to set the default desktop environment on a
per-user basis?

Not that I’m all that sure how to change the system default
environment, I do recall changing a session to something other than the
default and being asked if I wanted to set it as the new default

I just can’t remember if that was in an earlier version of suse or
whether it was one of the fedora versions I used

A friend of mine who logs in remotely wants a look at xcfe which is
installed, but as he logs in with nxclient he doesn’t get the option to
choose what type of session


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It is possible, and has been for a long time, but I don’t know if there
is any tool to set it, other than a text editor.

Obviously it can’t be set before login since the system doesn’t know
who you are at that point.

However once login has happened, the display manager xdm will look for
a file called .xsession in the user’s home directory and run it if
present. You can edit this script to change the window manager here.

However I don’t know if kdm (the K display manager) looks at this file
at all. Maybe it looks at another file, you’d have to investigate.


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Yes, the nxclient lets you chose a desktop session, in the case of
xfce4 you need to use the ‘custom’ option on the client when at the
‘desktop’ page when running the wizard. Select the radio button ‘run
the following command’ in here enter /usr/bin/startxfce4, you could also
advise the user to try xdm which should give a session screen.

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I tried the xdm setting in nx locally mate and accepting authentication
etc, but then goes to a blank screen, not even a command prompt

I’ll check out the xsession file and also give malcom’s suggestion for
the custom setting a try

It’s really only for the remote nx sessions I’m concerned about, so if
the custom way works out that’ll be ideal


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That custom method works a treat

Thanks for that mate :slight_smile:


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