Default boot from USB stick - black screen

My apologies in advance for the stupidity you are about to experience because of me, but I am stuck, and I haven’t come across any solutions to this problem.

I have been running on OpenSUSE on Dell XPS 420 for about a year now, and about 3 months ago I decided to swap to 12.1 from 11.4 I had. I won’t say it had gone without a hitch, but I manage to iron out stuff I didn’t like. The problem is that I’ve had problems with every single thing I would run on 12.1: Skype, R, Matlab, Chrome, OfficeLibre - you name it. So when I was unable to compile Node on the computer because for some random reason it couldn’t see FORTRAN that the Software Manager clearly displayed as installed on the machine, and had a PATH to, my patience broke, and I decided to make the switch to Ubuntu.

I copied all my files onto a hard drive, and yes. My first error. No back up drive.
I made an bootable USB (twice (one on SUSE one on Windows, and verified that it had indeed the right files in the right format)).
Then I made my second big mistake. I went to boot loader, and pushed USB (which is /dev/sdf/ on my machine) to the top of the list. When upon reboot that did nothing, I put the default tick mark next to it. FACEPALM.

The computer stopped booting. Nothing I press: f12/f10/f5/f1/f2/del/esc solicits anything other than beeping sound out of it. The screen doesn’t show anything!

Tried booting it with the USB, without the USB, tried pressing shift while holding down. I made another bootable USB (as I mentioned above), and that had no effect.

Very honestly. I am extremely stuck.


I’m confused are you installing openSUSE or Ubuntu??

Do you have a BIOS based machine or a UEFI

You say it beeps is it single beep or multiple?

If it is BIOS and multi beeps that is a post code. and you have to check the motherboard specs for what they mean. But generally they mean something is broken.

Not sure if UEFI has post codes???