Dedicated gaming server

How can I install a Counter Strike: Global Offensive dedicated server on a Linux OpenSUSE 42.1 os?
Can someone help me please?

Guess this is not the right place to ask this question. The better solution is to try to follow the official guideline here
And ONLY after that IF you are having any particular problem which you think is openSUSE SPECIFIC then post it here.
Hope this helps!

Okay at the moment I’m looking at the link you posted and I downloaded CSGOSL GUI for linux
I extracted the zip and tryed to run the file with the command ./ and its give me this:

linux:~/csgosl # ./
can't find package Img
    while executing
"package require Img"
    (file "bin/csgosl.tcl" line 7

Would that be a problem with OpenSUSE?

Others may know better than I, but it looks to me that you are starting that command as “root” (the hashtag is telling me this). If i read the site’s docs, you’re supposed to be the user “steam” to do this. I could be wrong, though, so either try it as user "steam’ or wait until someone more knowledgeable comes along to help.

make sure to install the package “tkimg” and check if it meets the required version :slight_smile: