Decrypting PDF-Files.

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I’ve been looking to find an equivalent program of APDFPR (Advanced PDF Password Recovery by Elcomsoft) for Linux lateley. All that I’ve found was PDFDecrypt which I personally think isn’t a complete software at all. It works without a GUI and the most important function is missing: If no userpassword is set, all restriction can be removed and thus resulting in a fully usable PDF.

Do you know of any great Programs that implement a variety of features like (passsword-mask-attack, instant decrypting) of locked PDFs (either OpenSource or Commercial) *for nix based systems? Please let me know.

Nothing else around? :frowning:

Bump. There got to be some other software, folks…

For anyone who wants to find the password in order to remove freakin’ restrictions on PDF-Files: PDFCrack might be worth a try.
I’d really appreciate some contribution of software for Linux here as I am personally looking for a program with features such as “Advanced PDF Password Recovery” by Elcomsoft for Winblows.

If you’ve ever wanted to print some pages out of a PDF with all restrictions ticked, you’d know what sucks.

I can imagine the frustration with this. I haven’t encountered this pleasure yet… :slight_smile: …but I wonder if OpenOffice PDF Import Extension could be of help here, coupled with its PDF Export function.

I note that 3.0 is required:

Sun PDF Import Extension | repository for Extensions

Maybe worth a try.

Good try. :wink:
To open the mentioned PDF, OpenOffice first asks for the… Owner password. And guess what… that’s the one that’s missiing in most of the cases.
I don’t want to re-convert the whole thing not make snapshots, but remove the freakin’ restrictions. C’mon…must be possible somehow. There’s got to be a good software for this - OpenSource breaks chains!

Have a read of this.

Looks like you can openSUSE RPM package. I just searched via webpin:

Have no idea how good it is though. For you to try and update us…

un-confuse me, please:

Q1: where does one get PDF files that are locked with a password?
(i’ve never seen one, but i live a sheltered life)

Q2: why is the file locked with a password? (is it because the
author/copyright owner doesn’t want folks to be able to “print some
pages out of” his PDF?)

Q3: are you asking here for help in cracking codes which protect the
international copyrights of the PDF’s maker?

Q4: does the PDF itself (or its source site) include guidelines on how
to receive the unlocking password? (might that include the ability to
purchase certain rights? is yours an attempt to circumvent the lawful
control of an author’s/artist’s life work?)