Decrypt ubuntu /home partition

Hi everyone, i’m new to opensuse, just migrated from ubuntu and it’s been kind of a nice surprise. Before installing opensuse, i had ubuntu in a partition with mounting point /, after having several problems with ubuntu. All my files were stored in another partition mounted in /home. I decided to migrate to opensuse, but i found that all my files are encrypted and i can no longer see them, how can i recover them? I’ve tried some things but none of them work.


gerardommc wrote:

> i had ubuntu
> in a partition with mounting point /,

Ubuntu uses space in / for /home
openSUSE doesn’t. At least not by default

If you used the Ubuntu partition to install openSUSE, you may have problems…

Did you backup your data

I’m pretty sure that ubuntu uses ecryptfs for encrypted home directories.

Start by installing ecryptfs-utils

After installing that, you may need (as root) to do:

# cd /sbin
# chmod u+s mount.ecryptfs_private

For 12.2 (not yet released) you won’t need that chmod. For earlier versions, it is needed.

While still root

# modprobe ecryptfs

That shouldn’t be needed. However, ecryptfs doesn’t quite work properly without it. I ended up adding “ecryptfs” to the list of modules to be automatically loaded.

Back as the non-root user, try:


If that does what you want, then you are almost there. You will need to make some pam changes to automate the procedure.

If that doesn’t work, then either you are not using ecryptfs, or you failed to properly copy the encrypted image that ecryptfs must decrypt and mount.

Either way, tell us what happened and we can see where to go from there.