December Screenshot Thread](

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Love the wallpaper! :slight_smile:](](

I really find Gnome 3.2 quite elegant on 12.1

Wrath5000: outer space - Wallpaper (#1173701) / enjoy :slight_smile:

back_space: looks nice i have seen that even on Parsix Gnu Linux :smiley:

Eeepc Netbook
11.4 Gnome2 _64
SUSE Paste

caf4926 that looks like a kde wallpaper but i must admit i like the blue color and how it fits in your G2 desktop :smiley:

Thanks for the link, creatura.

Yes, KDE wallpaper
I just do what I want

My Gnome 3.2 desktop:](

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Wrath5000: no problem :slight_smile:

On what??? Guess it’s a fairly common wallpaper then… Didn’t even know that was a distro lol!](

Old laptop running 12.1 with Gnome 3.2, even has one of those glorious 4:3 lcd’s.

openSUSE 12.1 with Tumbleweed, KDE 4.7

I LOVE Tumbleweed. This is possibly the best new technology for my use since I first tried SUSE version 6.3. Being able to keep the latest software with no effort? Priceless!


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Loving the Gnome-3 desktop.

Little comparison between 2002 and 2011

SuSE Linux 2002

OpenSUSE 2011

Aside from Fancy modern widgets (and a Bit of maturity in Desktop images and music choice) I have kept things the SAME over the years

Since KDE4 became little “funky” on my laptop - trying something new(ahm, old :slight_smile: ) 12.1 with KDE 3.5
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Not that my KDE4 setup is usually much different :slight_smile:

Opensuse 12.1 with KDE 4.7
Each of my desktops is quite different… can’t have two looking the same :slight_smile:
SUSE Paste

You need to add another shutdown button :slight_smile:

Hmmm… yes. One on the right of the screen I think, lol

One of them is KShutdown. I use it to time switching off my computer when after I go to work while downloading large files. I have on and off peak downloads.

Just GNOME 3.2.1 on the netbook with a few extensions running…](

Happy Holidays! My Dec. screenshot with opensuse 11.4 and 12.1 xfce](