December Screenshot Contest

Its the last month of the year, people have posted some great screenshots over the year. So keep them coming. At the end of the month, the winner will get some OpenSUSE goodies.](

Dell Precision T5500 under openSUSE Leap 42.1 Gnome 3

would be great to post your great screenshots adding the name of used desktop theme, or icon theme, or a link to wallpaper… :wink:
Good luck to all !!

Of course ! Sorry I can’t edit my previous message so :

GTK+ Them : Numix
Icon : Numix Circle
Cursor : Breeze_cursors
Shell Theme : default
Wallpaper : Fantasy Lion Colorful HD

Enjoy :slight_smile:

No leap for me yet.
13.2 serves me well :slight_smile:


No idea what went wrong with the first post :\

openSUSE Leap 42.1 with enlightenment (e19)
Self-made wallpaper for the holiday season
Icon theme is a mixed of moka & numix circle](

HW: MSI GS70 Stealth 2OD
SW: OpenSUSE Leap 42.1, Gnome 3.16
Shell: Copernico
GTK+: Candra-Dark 3.18 (it works pretty well)
Icons: Super Flat Remix
Cursor: Breeze-Obsidian
Conky: Made by myself

Tumbleweed with enlightenment (e19)
Wall paper is self made. Glass tubes with ghosts signifies the frequent zypper up and dup
That may make or break my machine.:wink:](

Great screenshots here!! :wink:

Due Christmas, this month the time to participate will end this friday 18th. Since that day until 22nd users can vote for their favorite screenshot. And 23rd will announce the last winner of this contest.
Thanks to all for the participation with your screenshots showing that openSUSE looks great in any flavour!! :wink:
Congrats to the winners (including me) who get a geek reward from SUSE :wink:

Keep on sharing your openSUSE screenshots here, and showing the green side of GNU/Linux power!!

and keep on having a lot of fun! :wink:

Here’s mine. Currently using my custom LXDE running on Leap 42.1 built with SUSE Studio.

Theme: Customized Numix
Icons: Moka
Wallpaper: From one of the recent Ubuntu releases (15.04 I think) its called Primavera



TW with Plasma 5 and opensuse desktop theme + breeze icons.
Wallpaper is a custom one that I made a while ago, available here:
Full screenshot link:

Hi!! Here is my screenshot of openSUSE Tumbleweed + KDE!!
Icon Theme: El general
KDE Theme: Breeze dark


Merry Christmas;)

I like the file browser icon :wink:

El General ->

As I said, this month due Christmas time to submit screenshots ends today.

Now it’s time to vote for your favourite!!

time for voting ends Dec 22nd

good luck geekos!! :wink:

Holiday greetings to all the contestants and the folks of openSUSE!!!

Well finally here you have the result…

and the winner is…


Congrats!! :wink:

Please, send me a PM with your address, zip code, Country, email and telephone number… I will send that to SUSE guy, and he will send your reward!! :wink:

Happy new year to all!
And thanks for send your screenshots to this contest every month!!

've phun!!

Congratulations !!!

Congrattulation!!! Happy holidays.