debian equivalents for some SPECIFIC rpm commands?

I’m looking for the debian (or Ubuntu) equivalent commands for the following:

  • rpm -qp <some non-installed rpm> -l
  • rpm -qip <some non-installed rpm> -l
  • rpm -ql <some installed rpm>
  • rpm -qil <some installed rpm>
  • rpm -qp --scripts <some non-installed rpm>
  • rpm -qi <some installed rpm> --changelog
  • rpm -qp <some not-installed rpm> --changelog

For example:

  • rpm -qp xorg-x11-driver-video-7.5-9.1.src.rpm -l
  • rpm -qip xorg-x11-driver-video-7.5-9.1.src.rpm -l
  • rpm -ql xorg-x11-driver-video
  • rpm -qil xorg-x11-driver-video
  • rpm -qp --scripts kernel-default-
  • rpm -qi kernel-default --changelog
  • rpm -qp kernel-default- --changelog

I searched google and found some rpm to deb translation guides, and saw some pages on dpkg, but the reading was heavy going when I am only interested in a few commands. I’m not a debian user, … I’m just curious to check and see what patches they have implemented in some cases, and I think those commands will help me.

Does anyone know this off the top of their head (and can share the answer) ?

In general I find the dpkg family of command more clumsy than rpm.

List contents of package:

dpkg -c foo.deb

Display info of package:

dpkg -I foo.deb

List contents of installed package:

dpkg -L foo

Display info of installed package:

dpkg -p foo

Some of your commands have no direct equivalent and you’ll need to write scripts.

The two man pages you want are dpkg-deb and dpkg-query.

Thanks. Lots of good stuff there, plus other commands.

I spent about 20 minutes looking at this and decided to stop, as given I am not a debian distro user, and the amount of ‘return’ I was getting for the effort I was putting into it was disproportionate (in my view) to get the exact output I wanted. So I decided to give up on this idea.

See j.eng’s site

Excellent! Many thanks.