Debian 'calendar' equivalent in openSUSE

I am looking for the equivalent terminal package which I have used on Debian/Ubuntu called calendar. I did a searc but none of the results seem to match up. Is there such a package on openSUSE (Tumbleweed)?

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I do not know about Debian, but when this is a program where you keep trace of dates with appointments, holidays, your (upcoming?) marriage date, etc., I assume most people will use what their desktop offers. Like Korganizer in KDE (part of Kontact).

Thanks for your suggestion. I should have given more information: I am in the process of converting a whole bunch of Python3 appindicators which I have written for Ubuntu and one of those indicators uses the ‘calendar’ terminal command (see software recommendation - What Application Indicators are available? - Ask Ubuntu). So I am not looking for a calendar application; rather a direct equivalent. I have found the same package on Debian (no surprise as Ubuntu uses the same packages) and also Fedora, so was hoping for the same on openSUSE. If I cannot, no major drama…just won’t have that indicator.

As pointed out by Henk, all major DEs bring an own calendar app with indicator in the task bar. Nowadays there shouldn‘t be a need for a self written solution. As you can see on your linked thread, the question was from 12 years ago…

As *buntu and Debian are very „conservative“, they still drag some outdated stuff like that since ages…

You might try pal. Non-graphic, it comes with many options.

@bernmeister This should build locally from the src rpm as your user?


Thanks @malcolmlewis this looks to be precisely what I want! It’s been a couple of decades since I wrote/complied C, so may take me a little time to process. However, I suspect I can incorporate a build after the Python pip installation procedure, particularly if the compiled/executable goes into something like $HOME/.local/… which is where my Python source is “installed”.