Debian 7 and 8 build failures, no changes.


I haven’t changed anything in the package I’m currently trying to build for debian 7 and 8, yet unfortunately the packages aren’t built and I can’t figure out why.

If you compare the end of the logs, it just seems that for some reason the packages aren’t built.

The logs actually shows that the output .deb packages were generated. Lintian is generated afterwards, but there’s nothing indicating that it’s warnings are/should be fatal. There’s probably a bug in obs’s debian build scripts. I’m having the same trouble: my packages are built accordingly to log, but obs reports failure and the logs are similar to yours.

Same problem here too. It was working a week ago.

 Today's log -
 Last week's log -

Maybe something to do with the update 3 days ago “OBS code base got updated to current git master”


Unfortunately lintian errors are now fatal. I’m still trying to figure out how to disable them for an entire project.