Debian:11 project security repository

Look at the meta for the Show Debian:11 - openSUSE Build Service project I notice that this uses the following 3 sources:

<repository name="standard">
  <download arch="x86_64" url="" repotype="deb">

<repository name="update">
  <download arch="x86_64" url="" repotype="deb"> 

<repository name="backports">
  <download arch="x86_64" url="" repotype="deb">

I wonder if should also include the upstream debian security source? This will contain security fixes that are neither in update or standard (until the next point release of standard)

deb bullseye-security main

See: for full details of debian standard/update/security sources.

That is the question/request for the project maintainer(s) who most certainly do not read this forum :slight_smile: