Debating on Tumbleweed

With 13.1 being such a great release I am really thinking of sticking with it for a while, but I also like it to keep current.
So I am thinking of jumping to tumbleweed.
I mean i dont have any proprietary drivers I need nor am I afraid of breakage as I can always roll back.
But its a question of should not could, I mean it would be a shame if tumbleweed got some upgrade that broke my system.
How thorough is tumbleweed tested?
How much breakage can I expect?
I am just asking as I did work with debian testing and would want something with similar functionality but not as much breakage.

Only you can decide.

I ran Tumbleweed with 12.3. This was not on my main desktop. But, I’ll have to say that it did pretty well. I seem to recall only minor problems.

I am seriously thinking about running it on my main desktop for 13.1. I figure that if KDE is temporarily broken, then I can get by with Gnome or XFCE for a few days. It seems unlikely that all desktops would break at the same time. And with the multiple kernel support, I can manage a broken kernel by booting a previous kernel.

Is KDE broken?
That is sort of a problem as I am using KDE and i rather not use gnome shell

I don’t recall a problem with KDE for TW12.3. But there may be been a couple of times when Gnome wouldn’t start properly until after the next update.

just had to ask, as openSUSE has a very solid KDE experience.

Okay decided on tumbleweed, so far so good but then again 13.1 just came out so most of the libs and the kernel are still tied to it.

I upgraded Tumbleweed from 12.3 to 13.1 when it switched. I was impressed with it on 12.3, mainly because it handled the heavy uprades for KDE to reach 4.11.2 as well as it did. Overall there were only minor issues (even though I chose to run with btrfs and Snapper), and I have been using T’weed since it began but in a multiboot configuration. I usually follow “official” advice, am cautious with additional repos (as few as possible), and relaxed about dealing with a few dependency conflicts.

There are more kernel upgrades, but few problems if any (the Tumbleweed maintainer Greg K-H is a very experienced kernel developer). At the moment, most of the updates are coming from the standard update repos, so if you intend to try it out, now might be a good time to get comfortable. No pressure. :slight_smile: