Debating between SLED and openSuse

So I know that SLED has a nortel VPN client, and I can’t get it to install on my current ubuntu laptop. I’m thinking of switching but I don’t know if that same client is present in OpenSuse, or if I have to go with the pay version of SLED to get it. I need it to connect with work. The latest version from apani is not compatible with the latest linux kernels. Thanks in advance for all the help!!


You can always download a liveCD and find out for yourself if openSUSE contains the client you require. I’m pretty sure that openSUSE does contain the Nortel VPN client files. I use the command line VPN client, nvpn which is part of the turnpike package, which in turn relies on novell-nortelplugins. (on openSUSE 11.0) These also exist for SLED.