Death by coffee: a Dell-astophe with no sound

One fine sunny morning about 2 days after moving house, a large mug of black coffee leapt out of my hands, splashing my Dell inspiron laptop 1525 along the way, though thankfully missing the dog, if only by inches.

11.1 died a death with the keyboard (was already on it’s way out). Installed 11.0 as only disc i can find but I have no sound. All volume sliders in yasts sound controls are up maximum, have tried a cable to my stereo aswell as internal speakers, nothing. The test sound is the sound of silence.

i am really worried it is my headphone port (on front) but then why are the speakers not working? I have been poking around to disconnect the keyboard though.

I was going to make some comment about this becoming one of those “sticky” threads…

I vaguely recall having to unmute sound (defaulted to mute) in more than one place in an earlier version to get any noise at all - not just in the obvious mixer panel - but beyond that I can’t remember where.


Check ‘alsamixer’. Run in a terminal window and first ‘open’ all channels, anything muted.