Dealing with multiple ethernet ports


I have two ethernet ports on my box. I want to connect one (call it eth0)to the lan, and one (call it eth1) in the private network. I will assign static IPs to both the NIC cards. The problem is, I want to enable ssh on both the ports, but DHCP service only on eth1. How do I do this? I am pretty new to linux. Please help.


By default, ssh will be running on both interfaces.
When you setup DHCP service, you can specify the interface. (You can use Yast for this).

Thanks for your reply. But how to I enable DHCP service on the ethernet port. My usecase is, If I connect any other machine/laptop to that ethernet port, that machine should automatically get assigned an IP address. I know that if I have a DHCP service enabled on the port, this can be done. But how do I run/enable DHCP service on the port? I am very new to this and just getting introduced to these concept.

Thanks for any help!


Make sure that Yast tool’s DHCP server component is installed.

zypper install yast2-dhcp-server

After this, you will see DHCP server setup option if you go to Yast and under the tab “Network Services”.
Choose that option and you can setup the DHCP service. While doing so, it will allow you to select the interface eth0/eth1.