Dead keyboard after install

I’ve just installed Suse Leap 15. The installation seemed to be uneventful, but after the system started the keyboard was dead.What can I do about that, especially since I can’t use any remediations that require the keyboard.:=(

At the Grub menu you can probably use the e key to go into edit mode, then append a space and a 3 to the end of the line that says quiet on it. That should produce boot with a text mode black screen and login prompt where the keyboard is likely to work. If it does, then do:

rpm -qa | grep input | sort | susepaste

and provide us the URL it reports. You might need to preface the command with sudo or login as root.

The grub menu should also have a failsafe option to select.

What kind of keybaord connection???

My apologies to all. The keyboard somehow had gotten unplugged!! I should have thought of that. Duh!!


These things happen.

A few years back, the first thing I would say to my clients: "Did you check to see if it is plugged in?"rotfl!