dd 11.2 iso image and only that??

I have a 8GB USB stick, i can successfully dd the hybrid iso image to that disk and boot from it BUT i would also like to have another partitions on that as i lose about 7GB of room on it. I am unable to add a partition on that? Anyone knows if it is possible to have a bootable live usb disk AND another partitions?

Would unetbootin allow me to accomplish this task?

I used to do it like this on a 16GB stick:

  1. make one fat32 50 MB partition on it
  2. make two ext3 5 GB partitions on it
  3. make one fat32 partition for the rest of the stick (± 5.5 GB)
  4. make the first partition a bootable one: mkbootdisk
  5. edit the syslinux.cfg to change the boot menu to be able to boot from both partition 2 and 3.
  6. copy content of both 32bit and 64bit iso’s to ext3 partitions
  7. copy kernel-images and initrd’s from partitions 2 and 3 to partition 1, make sure config files on partition 1 are OK.
  8. Done. It’s a stick that allows you to install both 32 and 64 bit, yet has the rest of the stick available for data.

I never used unetbootin.

Hmmm i will try that definitely, thanks!!

There’s a dd command on the download page for 11.2 RC1. If you use that the entire stick indeed is used. But it should have a partition on it with approx 7 GB free space. Why not shrink that partition and create a new one. AFAICS the only problem is dd uses the entire disk.

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Tell me, how about counting how many MB it is and to set a specific size for it? Like if the image will take 693 MB i will set dd to bs=1MB and count=694?

Hmmm weird, i got no such command as mkbootdisk. I even searched for it in YaST and ticked file list and provides but nothing got it?

It’s on the DVD in the eeer boot directory (strange that :wink: )

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Lots of good ideas from previous contributors. However, to answer one part of your original question, unetbootin will leave free space on the stick that you can format any way you want.

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Got a 16GB flashdrive…would like to put the livecd/usb image on it, setup a partition for “persistant home” and also have a fat32 partition to be seen from people’s pc’s who I might be working on to install software like antivirus, firewall, openoffice etc…other than the 700mb needed by the liveusb image what recommended sizes would you use for the persistant home and the fat32 partitions?

I’d leave about 1GB room for persistent home, that should be enough.

For the newer iso’s (the hybrid ones)

The instructions Here show how to make the remaining space usable for storage.

Works ok as a persistent install here.