dconf-editor for gnome software missing urls for software.

I have been stumped to find a solution to gnome software. I had installed SuSE Ent Desktop, It will show all kinds of gnome extensions, But on Opensuse 15.1 leap it has only the ones I have installed listed. I can not find a way to reset gnome software to show all available extensions. I looked in dconf-editor and all the external-appstream-urls are ] listed. Is there something that needs to be placed in this. Now nonfree-software is listed as en.wikipedia.org url.

Any info will be appreciated. Thanks

As a SLE user, this is because SLE offers a CLASSIC mode of the gnome shell which implements these changes/extensions to implement this feature, it is not part of openSUSE.

Thanks malcolmlewis for quick response. Is there any extra urls needed for gnome software? I missing some great extensions that I have used in the past. But now that my main CNC laptop is opensuse 15.1. Would love to find them again. I had always been an off and on kind of user since version 10. So alot of the apps and extensions have slipped my mind. Thanks again.

Just a note the new questions to post are abit annoying… sry had to point out. keith

All extensions are here: https://extensions.gnome.org or you could try a zypper (cli) or YaST software management search for extensions (I don’t use them, just the ones from gnome.org).