Dazuko 3 install - Kernel Source Files Missing

SuSE Linux 11.2 and Dazuko 3 installation problem.

Trying to install Dazuko to get Avira Anti Virus software installed.

devilsbackbone:/home/akwe-xavante/Download/Dazuko/dazuko-3.0.0-birthday # ./configure
checking host system type… Linux
checking for make utility… ok (make)
checking for C compiler… ok (cc)
kernel source in /lib/modules/… no
kernel build source in /lib/modules/… no
kernel build source in /usr/src/linux… no
kernel source in /usr/src/linux… no
error: no kernel source files found
devilsbackbone:/home/akwe-xavante/Download/Dazuko/dazuko-3.0.0-birthday #

No Kernel Cource Files Found!

i understand that if i use:

./configure --kernelsrcdir=/usr/src/!Kernel Source! it will work but where is the kernel source location?


./configure --kernelsrcdir=/usr/src/packages

this doesn’t work either, i get an additional line that reads:

(perhaps kernel source in /usr/src/packages not configured?)

Is there something i’m missing or am i doing something wrong?


Use yast2 to install the kernel sources for kernel including kernel-headers. They will be installed in directory /usr/src/linux-*

Then create a symbolic link /usr/src/linux pointing to linux-* (the * means whatever it will actually be, replace it with the value you see).

(1) Have you really installed kernel sources?
(2) What is this Anti-virus for?

Thank you all for your replies

Kernel source files! Just how much space will this take up on the hard drive?

This linux box will be moving around many gigabytes of MS Windows data a week from many dead, corrupt, virus and malware infected MS Windows computers that can’t be repaired without formatting and re-installing the OS. The origin of this data is at times dodgy. Before i return this data back to the customers MS Windows PC i want to scan it for viruses. Clean the data so that the customer can’t reinfect there computers from there own data when i return it to them.

When you have 80gig plus of music, video and images etc to backup its quicker to move it across my LAN to this linux box, then move it back afterwards than it is to burn to DVD discs.

I want to make sure its clean before i move it back.

It can also be quicker to move there data out for burning to disc whilst you format and re-install MS windows at the same time.

And why then compile Dazuko? There is a package waiting for you: Webpin. Or is 2.3.7 not good enough?

dazuko 2.3.7 from repos is DO not good enough
take for a 1st reason it’s obsoleted and 2.x series should be used only with older kernels. one really cannot understand why it exists in repos and recent version is missing :sarcastic:

go ahead with latest dazukofs 3.1.2