Database not showing on openSuSE 13.2 VM WARE

I am using Open SuSE 13.2 as a VM in my system. Yesterday the database was showing and running. Now today the database is not showing. I have checked it by using showdatabase command. All the services are running and working. I don’t know what is the reason and i am stuck to it :(. Kindly help me

First we’re going to need a few more details;

  • Is this is a publicly accessible server (read: internet facing) with possibly outdated software that may have allowed someone access to your SQL database through a security flaw?
  • What database software are you using? MySQL? MariaDB?
  • Look at your /var/lib/mysql/ - see if there is a directory with the same name as the database you expect to find
  • Could you have possibly ran drop database; or used a phpmyadmin/similar tool to accidentally remove it?

Most importantly; do you have backups?