database hosting service

I wonder is there database hosting service (for mysql database) that allow client application to connect through internet.

the application I talking about here is not web application but a desktop windows/linux/mac application

I tried google around but most of the database hosting is for web application where the web application and the database is in closed environment .

You could rent a rack server and put MySQL on it under whatever Linux distro is convenient, CentOS, Debian. Seems a waste of money to pay somebody a premium for something this easy. You’ll probably want to conduct the data transfer over SSL though (yes, MySQL supports this).

that will be expensive and troublesome.
I just want a mysql database access with limit space size and cheap monthly charge while no need to worry any problem like backup ad recovery .

currently I have mysql running on linux (opensuse) . I starting to think how much trouble it cost me to maintain it. this is why I try to ask here perhaps anyone know whether such service available out there

No matter what you do, you will always be resonsible for the integrity of the database. What’s the problem in having the database on your own openSUSE? Install the LAMP server and phpMyAdmin from the repos and you will have all at your disposure, at no costs at all, with lots and lots of options to backup/restore/adjust databases. All in your time, at a total cost of zero. You don’t need any expensive machines or solutions for this, just use what’s already there.

What do you consider “cheap charge”, what would the size have to be, and (they will charge you for this) how much traffic will the DB have?
A thing you could do as well, is just rent some webspace at a host, that allows Joomla usage. You will know for sure, that the host serves mysql and access to the database. Up to you to configure access from home.

it’s true that it’s cheaper to have your own server but maintain it for long term will be come more expensive specially for small company which will become a burden.

as far as I know the database come with the hosting service does not allow direct connection from remote.

What do you mean about maintaining? A database hoster will do no more than store the database for you and run the database engine on their server. They will not do database maintenance, they just host it.
I am my own company, have multiple databases, amonst which my own financial administration and bookkeeping. Synced to an external disk everynight by a script, working even when my internet connection is down. And I’m not a database specialist, more of a user. I use phpMyAdmin to adminster databases (can do from a mysql prompt if needed). I still don’t see why you think that it will be more expensive or labour intensive to have the database on a openSUSE machine of your own. It would be up to you who could access it from where. Indepence.

yes. but they make sure the database is on 24 hours /7 days . you no need to worry any failure cause the hosting company will fix it.

to people like us ,you may think it is waste of money but to a small company without any IT guy , it is a cheaper solution.

ok . let me give you a scenario . this way you can decide which is cheaper.

  • you own a small company with 6 staff .
  • there’s no IT guy. most people there with very limit computer knowledge
  • you have a windows program that use mysql database(linux). due to complicate of the program , I can’t migrate it to web application .
  • you use it at office , you also want to use it at home .
    there be only 1 database server that allow you connect from office or from home or any location.

I’m sure you can imaging the possibility of problem may occur like one day the database server not start after on . or why they suddenly unable to connect to the database or whether the backup is working or not.
if any of the problem occur, who is going to do the recover.

now if you able to get a service hosting for $20/month vs. salary of getting IT guy . which do you think will be expensive?

The reason why the MySQL hosting is not normally provided separately from the webapp is because MySQL commands and data travel over the Net in the clear, unless SSL transport is selected. You don’t really want people to be able to see your database logins, SELECTs, etc in the packets going across the Net. SSL can be enabled in MySQL but I don’t know of any hosting providers that do this. That’s why I suggested a DIY solution built on a rented rack server. You can get the provider to do backups for you.

Alternative if you could arrange for a VPN tunnel to the MySQL server machine, then you don’t need SSL, but then again, most MySQL hosting don’t give you admin access to the host. In fact you can’t even install your own packages on such hosts because they are sharing the MySQL server and Apache server across many customers.

So you see, the bundle of PHP webapp on Apache, MySQL DB, and Linux is a sweet spot, which is why there’s an acronym for it. It’s not impossible to break up the bundle, but because this is not a common need, you are unlikely to find it off the shelf; you will need to DIY if you are really serious.