Database editor wanted configurable to any source data setup.

Hello all. I have database editor that changes the windows game ‘empire earth 1’ data files. It’s very limited. Without writing a new program, is there a database editor that you can configure to any data setup with text, numbers, and binary flags for SUSE - KDE?

Opensuse 12.3 – KDE


I am sure that anything could be done if you knew how to do it. But in the mean time, if you have the Windows editor, why not just load it up in a VM with Windows (using VirtuaBox) and go that way?

Thank You,

The windows editor is very limited, but simple to use. I want to use all the variables available, plus find new ones that I can edit. Writing a program will take a long time, not practical. I’m hoping for an existing program that can edit data files with custom structures.

It may be helpful if you specify the databases you are interested in. For example, Kate has syntax highlighting and a wide variety of tools for editing databases. Install it and look under Tools>Highlighting. Note that the menu item Databases only covers things like 4GL, LDIF and SQL. Other types of database can be found under other menu items, for example, Markup.

I need to mark up groups of set length. Then divide that up again. Which one? If that’s possible.