Damaged Panel

Oops! My Tray at the bottom got scrunched to the left (I didn’t see how it happened.). This covered up all of the symbols showing open applications and left me “driving blind.” I compounded my error by pressing the “Remove this panel” in the ‘Panel Settings/Add Widgets/Remove this panel’ window which pops up when one right-clicks on the panel itself.

I have Linux i686 and KDE 4.0.4 >= 20080505 “release 15.2”

I have used this 64-bit Linux version successfully for several months. I’m not making as much progress in understanding all the fine points as I had hoped, but I have never had a DISASTER like this.

Is there any hope of my seeing the panel in its original, helpful form again?

You can right click and add a new panel. Then add back all the widgets. However, as I recall, this is rather clumsy in 4.0.4

You could start a new .kde4 folder then copy all your settings over to the new one.

To do this press Ctrl-Alt-F1

at the CLI do:

mv /home/username*/.kde4 .kde4old

(* put your username here)