D-Link DWL G122 USB stick auto detected!

Installed OpenSUSE 11.2 KDE LiveCD-version three days ago.

Very pleasant surprise: my D-Link G122 (rev C.) wireless USB stick finally gets detected by default! Did not pick up network address until after I reset my router, but after that it runs smoothly.

Now for some additional praise:

  • The artwork is simply stunning

  • Boot time to a fully up-and-running KDE desktop: 20 seconds (used to be 35-40 seconds on previous versions… cut in half, that’s weird, but cool)

  • KDE 4(.3?) is awesome! Finally consistent ‘open file’ boxes for Firefox, Openoffice too. And in software heaven with Dolphin, Okular, Amarok (although sometimes it’s sluggish)

  • Only one complaint: setting things up is almost too easy :stuck_out_tongue: (at least with the 1-click installs for multimedia, nvidia, etc)

Great job on this version! :slight_smile: