D-Link Dummy Dilema

Okay all of you Suse-ians out there…

Since i have discovered that i am a suse retard i must
beg for help!!!

I have tried several Linux distros in the past but never
hit on one that i really thought was so great that i could
stand to use it forever, but, when i installed opensuse 11.0
(from CD Version), i thought WOW… how cool is this? Alas…
my newly discovered utopia was about to dash my hopes to
the ground! (heh heh). Okay, here’s what’s up…

DWL-G510 (Rev B) Wireless PCI Adapter (Sheeza No Work!!!)
I have tried to use the Madwifi stuff and attempted to
do the ndiswrapper thingy but am getting nowhere! Now,
before anyone says ‘use apt-get’ or anything like that
just FYI the only way i can access anything ONLINE is by
booting with this PCLOS LiveCD which is how i am able
to post this. PLEASE!!! No links to ‘compatable cards’
lists etc. been there done that and they say YES it is.
Being a RETARD i need step-by-step instructions preferably
stuff i can copy and paste…

Need more info? Tell me where/how to find it i’ll post it.

This is real frustrating but i don’t give up easily and i
really would like to keep opensuse so ANY help would
well, helpful (heh heh).

Thanks A Bazillion In Advance… (Just in case)

Have a look at this thread:

Getting DWL-G510 To Work? - openSUSE Forums