D-Link Dir 655

Is there a way to make the (router’s) USB port to work in OpenSUSE? I have a external HD were I would access files from when connected to the router with the shareport utility but it only works on windows. I was wondering if it could work in wine? And how could I do it?

And how can I make a network? I have never made a shared connection between computers. I don’t know the correct term but I would like to share files with my brother and sister which I just converted from Ubuntu :slight_smile:

sorry if the questions are stupid but I’m really a puzzled penguin

From the result of this search shareport sounds like a WIndows-specific USB forwarding scheme as it requires drivers in Windows:

DLINk DIR 655 makes use of USB port?! - Networking

Bad luck.

For sharing between Linux computers you can use ssh, fish, samba, NFS, etc. For samba, read Swerdna’s tutorial.

Thank you

Which one of those would be easier to set-up?

Probably ssh/fish for casual filesharing. However I’m not a good person to ask as I have a fairly static network. You might like to post another thread on this question in Networking. It’s not a good idea to mix two different questions in one post as some people might not read your question due to the title.