D/L'd 6+ GB of packages only to have several fail & now have to download that whole thing over again

Between the time I had chosen 6+ GB worth of packages to install and the download taking hours (I have 1 Gb download speed, bottleneck was on openSUSE package end, not complaining, just the way it is), a package repository was upgraded and approximately 6 packages were changed. Since they were not found, they could not be installed and the whole software install just failed. Blew up. No matter what I chose, “Continue”, “Finish” and finally “Abort”, YaST would try to reinstall the outdated items.

Now, I have to spend another couple hours downloading again. Doesn’t YaST cache the **** packages? If not, is there a way to have it cache the packages until they are installed? If not, can that be included in an update?

6 GB of packages what are you talking about
are you doing a live upgrade of LEAP
afaik packages are cached untill they’re installed after which they’re removed you can try these switches when using zypper (you should tell us how are you using zypper?)

           First download all packages, then start installing.
           Download a minimal set of packages that can be installed without leaving the system in broken state,
           and install them. Then download and install another heap until all are installed. This helps to keep
           the system in consistent state without the need to download all packages in advance, which combines
           the advantages of --download-in-advance and --download-as-needed. This is the default mode.

or do

man zypper

it’s quite possible your local mirror is buggy try using a static mirror
chose one near you or worse case use a german mirror

I’m not using zypper, I’m using YaST, and I go through each and every section to download the software I will need or can use.

For example, I don’t like LibreOffice, it’s slow and takes up too much space for a suite of programs I will never use; so, I install Abiword, Gnumeric and the Calligra suite of applications, which I prefer. Then, I install Calibre, rednotebook, notepadqq, Ninja-IDE, a plethora of python/python3 packages, perl packages, audio/video editing packages (which I use almost daily), well, you get the idea.

I can verify that using the “Software Manager” section in YaST does NOT cache the previously downloaded packages.

after a package is installed it’s deleted this is by design this can be changed per repository by editing each repo file in
and changing the line




for example the packman repo file changed to keep packages downloaded from packman would be


this is a bad idea as packages are updated often and your system will be overwhelmed with old packages
I still don’t understand your problem or where the 6G came from
I did a live upgrade and didn’t even download 2 G, after install why would I keep the old packages especially since opensuse updates quite often

Are you sure? YaST2-Software is just an interface to zypper and downloaded and not yet installed packages should be cached at /var/cache/zypp/packages

Yeah, I had to redownload everything that didn’t make it before. Still in the process, as I’m taking it piece-by-piece rather than all at once.

They’re definitely stored in the cache if not installed because I’ve done it before. I don’t know for how long. It’s happened to me a few times and when I redo they show up as already cached.
Maybe you need to change your zypp.conf file.

I’m still not sure what your issue is?
do you want to keep installed packages or do packages not install
if you’re having install issue check and you use btrfs you might be running out of space
check the snapper status in yast try cleaning out some snapshots