D-Bus error ?

Hi folks,

ok, it seems to have something to do with upgrading my “old” system! Deleting the haldeamon
from “services” gives the old “error”. After enabling it again, everything works perfectly. On the
‘clean install’ machine NO haldeamon is required!!

Concerning VirtualBox and the funny disk drive behaviour: The installing of the haldeamon DOESN’T
help. This kind of “error” stays. Under vmware the floppy disk drive works as expected. Btw, I tried
VirtualBox, because vmware didn’t work.

At least for now I’m done, but I think it’s only a kind of “work around”. The guys at openSuSE should
think about their upgrading procedures and the guys at Oracle should think about their floppy disk
device driver!

Thanks again,


That’s a good one ! lol!