Cuts on the screen

This problem happens all the time, all I do happens this.
I do not know how to explain , so I recorded .

Video card? video driver???

as I check it?

this problem only occurs when using opengl, with XRander it is ok.

My notebook is a ativ book 6 670z5e-xd2br
Hybrid GPU: AMD 8870m + intel i915 (core i7-3635QM)
I did not install any drivers.
Driver default

You may want to install the AMD drivers. it’s setting program is said to handle hybrid graphics unlike NVIDIA hybrids. Also the default drivers are really not setup for it either

Okay, I’m installing the drivers.

I am now in the problem drivers.
Is not starting the graphical interface, it is in a black terminal screen.
Unless, I start intel board “–px-iGPU.”