customizing and updating icons

Ok, so I edited (created a new, additional) Dolphinsu cabinet icon to be red instead of the blue that Dolphin uses. I tried to change the desktop symlink icon for Dolphinsu to use the new red one to make it obvious which Dolphin I was invoking. After I select the new icon (which I placed in the same folder as the default blue icon (with a new name, of course) I get an ‘updating system’ monologue box which scrolls a percentage bar over and over more and more slowly until the system slows to a crawl and becomes essentially locked up requiring a hard power-off.

Can someone please advise me on this prob?
12.1 w/ KDE

I guess I answered my own question.

For those who may need the info: first I tried a different approach which also didn’t work for some reason. I right-clicked on the desktop and selected ‘create new’ and I got the red icon but the shortcut launched user Dolphin rather than su even though I copied the command from the Dolphinsu launcher ?!? Anyway, then I right-clicked the main menu to get ‘Edit Applications’ and changed the icon for ‘File Manager - Super User Mode’ and then dragged it to the desktop and that seems to have done the trick; I now have my symlink on the desktop that launches Dolphinsu from the new red cabinet icon.

Problem solved. Odd though to have to jump through those hoops. Oh well…