Customize System-wide MATE Menus?

I have an OpenSUSE Leap 15.4 system using the NoMachine remote terminal server software that allows logins from many users, the vast majority of whom do not have privileges to install software, update the system, or reboot the system. I would like to remove the menu entries for YAST, the notifications that updates are available, and remove the “Quit” entry from the main menu allowing only logout.

Basically, I want a simplified set of menus aimed at users rather than system administrators.

Can someone point me in the right direction to customize the system for non-privleged user use?


Will probably be removed when you de-install Packagekit. But I am not sure, first because I do not use MATE, second because I only know it isn’t there (in KDE) when creating the user without Packagekit installed. Not sure if it will be removed at de-installation.

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On a single non privileged user
Right click on Applications
select edit menus
remove what you don’t want them to have (unclick the entries)
copy .local/share/applications to a directory that all have read and execute access to. chmod 555 is read execute that is needed
for each user you want to lock out go to their home directory in a terminal and
rename .local/share/applications to .local/share/application.nomore
symbolic link the directory that you created above
now each user that has the symbolic link has the same menus in MATE

to undo the change - just remove the .nomore

You might want to move this to somewhere you know to keep them from them undoing the changes
this what brings up the editor

/usr/bin/python3 -OOt /usr/bin/mozo

rename /usr/bin/mozo to something else or anyone can edit the changes.