Customize keyboard layout

I’m trying to change mapping for a couple of keys in Russian phonetic layout. Could someone please suggest where to look for layout files?


What desktop are you using? Some are in /usr/share/kbd but may or may not be relevant to your desktop/applications.

I’m using KDE, but it looks like that directory contains the .gz files. Does kdb extract them every time or does it extract the ones in use somewhere permanently?

A couple of points to check; there only appears to be one Russian keyboard available under System settings>Regional and language; so I am not sure what you mean by phonetic layout as opposed to any other. If that is not the layout you want, you would be better asking here: Other KDE software • KDE Community Forums

I would recommend you to ask in Russian Forum.
Pусский (Russian)

I was referring to layout variant:

In OpenSuse 11.3 (KDE 4.4.4 release 2) you can get this by clicking Application Launcher -> Personal Settings (Configure Desktop) - > Regional and Language

Sorry, I hadn’t moved Russian over to the right pane - so the variants did not show up. Given the large number of variants available, if you cannot find the one you want, then I think it is still better to ask this question on the KDE forums.