Custom SuSE Distro and Yast/control.xml

Hello All

As a Fan of openSuSE on the Desktop i’m about to create the version 2.0 of our local LUGS munotLinux distribution which should be localized for switzerland and contain a lot of additional software.

For this case I tried to modify the control.xml file in the root image for yast to hide the dialogs for language/keyboard layout, location and deskop choice (it will be a kde based distro). I can set the language, keyboard and location defaults correctly, but I couldn’t get any success in disabling the regarding dialogs yet. And after all googeling and reading the available documentation I can’t find a hint about the correct way to modify the control.xml this way.

Can somebody give a short description how to disable these dialogs correctly?

Thansk in advance


I would advise to try out suse studio fro custom based distro.

Welcome – SUSE Studio


Thanks but the susestudio webseite ( is not reachable from here so I couldn’t get a look to the suse studio environment; and I have already started with environment.