custom shortcuts not working in 13.1 KDE

I’ve created some custom shortcuts through configure desktop ->shortcuts and gestures->custom shortcuts typed trigger and in command/URL field


… but none shortcut is working and no shortcut is colliding with some global or any other. also checke ~./xsessions-errors but I can identify the exact lines…
But global shortcuts are working as expected

Is “Start the InputActions daemon on login” checked in “Custom Shortcuts”?
Are your newly created custom shortcuts enabled? (i.e. do they have a checkmark next to them?)

Are they shown in “Global Shortcuts”? (Component “khotkeys”)
Maybe try to select the “khotkeys” component there, click in “File” and choose “Remove Component”. It will get recreated then.

thanks I’ve to check the shortucts and input daemon was chcecked but not hte shortcuts, they’re still not working though (I hope after log out it’ll go)