Custom PC Picture Thread

Have pictures of custom PC’s you’ve built? Post here!

2004: My first attempt. It ran some version of SUSE, can’t remember which. It was duel Opteron and I replaced the motherboard in the picture with one that allowed me to go SLI. All water cooling was internal (radiator, pump, etc). There were 10 case fans, each with chrome dragon covers. Water had green UV dye, all the cables had UV slips, and connectors where replaced with UV connectors. The pictures are rather poor as I didn’t have a nice camera and had to borrow one.](](](](

2007: I went in the opposite direction in this next build - something simple and very quiet. The cpu is water-cooled, the tubes ran up the back of the bookshelf into a large zalaman reservoir. It had an AMD FX-60 and SLI overclocked graphics cards. Drives are all WD raptors.](

2010: (My current set-up) I liked the simple/quiet approach and got tired of smelling coolant, so I opted to get a better looking case and drop the water-cooling. This is a 4-core overclocked AMD black edition, 8 gig memory, overclocked nvidia 480 GTX, and all drives are WD velociraptors. Lots of cables and dust to deal with. I’m set-up in the basement with a lot of stuff connected, including a roland keyboard and studio monitors.](](

I will probably build a new one this year and pass the current set-up to my wife. She’s currently using the old FX-60 build with an upgraded graphics card. Its showing its age when gaming. All of these systems have only run SUSE or openSUSE. I’ve never had windows or any other linux distro installed on them.

Image for last PC didn’t show up for some reason:](

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Very nice pictures canislycan and its OK to make more than one post. If you really have a bad post you need to be edited, just send us a message and we can help, but you are doing just fine. Here is a picture of a PC I have that I posted in the forum last year.](

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Nice case, that thing is so easy to work on! =D. Yeah, watching NFL playoffs + posting = fail.

Very nice pictures. I never understand why some people talk about “internal” and “external” disks. These picture show that that is indeed a useless differentiation.

If you look at my picture you will also notice that this is what it look like in September of this year. Of course, the only difference with that date and the ones on clocks that are wrong is that this one can not be seen to be flashing. lol! Actually, I used my daughters camera which was obviously confused on the exact year at the time.

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There are allways peole who do not know how to configure NTP rotfl!