Custom Live-CD

can someone help me with customization of the openSUSE 11.1 live-cd. I need to make an “corporate edition” of the live-cd for some kiosk computers that will be available in public spaces through out our buildings.

The default Live-cd with 3 “simple” customizations:

  1. Flash support (if possible)
  2. Disable the unlock message when exiting from screensaver
  3. Change the homepage in Firefox


Are you sure the OpenSUSE live CD is suitable for kiosk use? There are many things that can be done from the live CD which you may not like the public to be able to do, like starting a terminal and then running various software on the live CD, and then everything opens up to that user.

Kiosk live CDs are designed to be minimal and with pretty much everything locked down. There are specialty distros for this, perhaps you might like to have a look at