Custom Live CD

I am looking for a linux distribution that can handle the following. Please let me know if this is possible with openSUSE.

  1. Install the Operating system onto my computer

  2. Configure the standard packages as I want

  3. Install Nagios for Internet monitoring

  4. Create an installable CD of the current configuration that will include Nagios as I configured it, yet still have the options to set things such as keyboard layout on install.

I really hope this is possible with openSUSE. I believe Ubuntu will allow it with a program called Remastersys but I would prefer to use openSUSE.


Are you looking for a tool similar to jumpstart on Solaris or kickstart on Redhat? Automated installs? There is a yast tool to make a livecd from an installed system on Opensuse. I don’t know how much control that gives.

Yes, basically I want to be able to take an installed system, and create a disk where I can install the same setup onto other computers. That would keep me from having to download nagios and configure it every time.