Custom kernel using kernel-source

Could anybody tell me how can i build a kernel rpm package using a bit modified config file? The only things i want to change is the preemption, cpu and Hz settings. I want it to stay as a 3 parts kernel package (base, extra etc. )

Anyone knows how i can accomplish this?

P.S. Using the kernel-source packages i understand i’ll keep all the apparmor patches right?
P.S.2 I managed to create custom kernels etc. but checkinstall doesn’t seem to work with that one.

I understand that i need to copy kernel source directory to other directory and customize it there, after that i’d want to create a kernel-source and kernel-default packages.

You posted this is in Applications. I cannot help you out on this one, but don’t you think you’be better of putting this in Programming and Scripting?

What does it have to do with programming or scripting :)?? There is no “kernel” section in these forums so i had to choose one:)

Customizing a kernel to me has to do with programming and scripting. Editing sources or compiler scripts :wink:

I doubted when I wrote it, it’s just that customizing kernels is not a daily routine amongst users. It was meant as the gentlest suggestion to maybe get more attention for your matters.

If you say so:)
Well i got around that problem, but i couldn’t change it’s identification name from default since it was bombing out :wink:

The answer was stupid simple :slight_smile:
make cloneconfig (after that customize it with make menuconfig or make xconfig (GUI) )

make rpm (create kernel-xxx and kernel-source-xxx)

P.S.Right now i’m tuning it to have all needed modules built-in and the rest as modules :slight_smile:

If you grab the kernel src rpm then unpack it and add a patch, then
move all the unpacked files and your patch to
the /usr/src/packages/SOURCES directory then build it from there with
rpmbuild -ba <name_of_spec_file>

What are the config changes and what kernel?

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What i did is that i used the default kernel-source package from oss repo (not the src.rpm), copied to a folder /home/<user>/build , customized it there (set preemptive, Hz to 1000, CPU arch to Core 2 and unticked some hardware i don’t have and which is safe to not build (ISDN, RF, and some other). The only drawback was that i couldn’t change the local version string and had to leave it as default (i installed the trace kernel to be able to install my custom one :slight_smile: )

I used the (latest one for 11.1)

P.S. By the way, the ext4 patches introduced in this kernel make the ext4 reliable as in 2.6.29 (are the patches backported or something?) ?

Have a read here;
How To Compile A
Kernel - The SuSE Way

Not sure about the ext4 patches, I’m using ext4 on 11.2 m2 though.

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