custom kernel, how can I build the kernel-syms rpm?

I’ve compiled a custom kernel (based on kernel-default-3.6.4-1.1.x86_64.rpm) with the “make rpm-pkg” command.
This generates the kernel-headers, kernel and kernel source rpm.
Installing the above rpm package’s on another machine works fine.
Now how can I create a rpm package for the custom kernel that includes the /boot/symtypes en /boot/symsvers files ? I guess this is the kernel-syms package? But how can you create it for your custom kernel?
Otherwise I get some problems with ksym dependancy errors…

Why guess?

bor@opensuse:~> rpm -qf /boot/sym*

[size=2]Thanks, but I think your rpm’s are created by [size=2]Opensuse/Novell! But in my (custom (self compiled and patched) kernel)) rpm the sym* files are not included.
Do you have any idea how I can include this files into my rpm?
How can I include the kernel symbols in my rpm files ?

Is it defined in the .config file for your kernel if the symbols are created or not ? Maybe I have to set CONFIG_DEBUG_INFO=y in my .config file to generate the symbols? no? [/size]

/boot/symvers is basically just compressed Module.symvers. As for symtypes - it happened after I stopped active kernel hacking. You can peruse how it is generated in openSUSE RPM: GIT Browse