Cursor keys issues in ncurses applications.

I’m trying to run yast in 4 different terminals (the problem is not yast but ncurses applications in general, I guess. alsamixer does the same).

  • aterm/wterm with TERM=rxvt (default) : no cursor keys.

  • xterm with TERM=xterm (default): works

  • urxvt with TERM=rxvt-unicode (default) : works

  • aterm/wterm with TERM=xterm : works.

  • xterm with TERM=rxvt: works (!?)

  • urxvt with TERM=rxvt: no cursor keys (!?)

  • aterm/wterm with TERM=rxvt-unicode works

  • xterm with TERM=rxvt-unicode: works

  • urxvt with TERM=xterm: works

If it is a terminfo problem … how come that xterm(TERM=rxvt) works and urxvt(TERM=rxvt) does not, while both otherwise work with default TERM, respectively xterm and rxvt-unicode?

# toe -a | grep rxvt
rxvt            rxvt terminal emulator (X Window System)
rxvt-88color    rxvt 2.7.9 with xterm 88-colors
rxvt-cygwin     rxvt terminal emulator (X Window System) on cygwin
rxvt-16color    xterm with 16 colors like aixterm
rxvt-color      rxvt terminal emulator (X Window System)
rxvt-cygwin-native      rxvt terminal emulator (native MS Window System port) on cygwin
rxvt-unicode    rxvt-unicode terminal (X Window System)
rxvt-basic      rxvt terminal base (X Window System)
rxvt-256color   rxvt 2.7.9 with xterm 256-colors
rxvt-xpm        rxvt terminal emulator (X Window System)
rxvt+pcfkeys    fragment for PC-style fkeys
mrxvt           multitabbed rxvt
screen.rxvt     screen in rxvt