Cursor issue in remmina RDP remote sessions

Environment: technical classroom, student machines run OpenSUSE 13.2 and remmina to connect to VirtualBox virtual machines.
Virtual machines: Windows 7, SUSE SLES 11, SLED 11, others.
remote client software: remmina, OpenSUSE package remmina-1.0.0-11.2.1.x86_64
remmina help about: v0.9.99.1 (why the difference?)

Issue: arrow cursor does not change, i.e. when hovering a web link in a browser, it does not turn into a hand. When hovering the corner of a stretchable window, it does not turn into the double arrow. When hovering the edge of a column in a spreadsheet, it does not change to the resize cursor, etc.

In the classroom this is critical as the student does not experience the cursor change when taught to use the mouse and cursor to perform certain tasks.

According to this web-site this issue was resolved in 2012 but the version of remmina available from the OpenSUSE repository does not include this patch.

Would anyone have a solution? As a work around, I have used rdesktop quite successfully but I would prefer to use remmina for its features. Without a fix to the cursor issue I can’t use it as a remote client.