Cursor covers last types in character in konsole or yakuake

I just noticed today, that whatever the last character was typed into either konsole or yakuake, it is covered. Has anyone experienced this? Is there something I could do to fix it?

I am using 13.1 with kde4.11.5, kernel 3.11.10-25-desktop, nVidia 340.65

You should be able to change it to be an underline cursor or blinking cursor (the Advanced tab of settings).

I notice that I have the box checked for “Set cursor color to match current character”. And maybe that’s why I am able to always read the char under the cursor. With black chars on a light background, the cursor is showing as black and the char under the cursor changing to light color.

I using 13.2, but I don’t think this has changed since 13.1.

Good suggestion, but no go. I tried with a newly created user, and the problem doesn’t appear. Hence, it must be with my user (profile?). I’m about to upgrade to 13.2 very soon, so I don’t want to spend too much time on this (I’m sure there will be more pressing problems to resolve after the upgrade (I hope not, but you never know)).

I assume, that when you go to 13.2, but keep your /home partition and thus your user’s settings as the are, the problem will persist.

Personaly I would try to resolve it before marching on 13.2

Yes, I thought of that. What I usually do when I upgrade, is keep a full copy of my home directory elsewhere, and copy everything over one by one. You’re right, though. I would love to find out why this is doing this. It is very peculiar.

UPDATE: I have upgraded to 13.2 and the problem has disappeared. It niggles my curiosity in not knowing what had caused the problem. But, at least I don’t have the problem anymore.

It is irritating, but I hope you will not have sleepness nights over it.:wink:

… or, if you do, you won’t keep the rest of us awake!:wink: