current state of the acpi settings - how to get all those data via commandline

dear community,

i need to have all the data - eg. the current state of the acpi settings - how to get all those data via commandline

is this possible!?

well what i mean is the folloging:…

actual parameter of the kernel

cat /proc/cmdline 

show settings for GRUB 2 :

grep -i acpi /etc/default/grub 

settings for GRUB - show them

grep -i acpi /boot/grub/menu.lst 

background - i have issues with the power off: after shutdown i get no propper power off:;

the cpu is a so called bay trail - i run leap 42.2 with kernel 4.4.24 xy

Seriously? You’ve asked this question on at least four other forums. In the time it took you to log in and post to four other forums, you could have put “how to get acpi settings in linux from command line” into Google, and seen the answer. This is a stunning display of laziness, which seems to be your calling card on the forums you visit. Looking at your other threads on LQ, I see you’ve been posting about your power-off problems for at least a YEAR now, and also posted it again here. Doesn’t seem to be much point in posting, when you’re not going to follow the advice you’ve been given multiple times, in multiple places.

You got an answer at Linuxquestions, to use either aciptool or acpi. If you want to know how those commands work, read their man pages.

Look it up: use acpi or acpitool. Same question you’ve asked on four other forums where you’ve received the same answer.

I had a HP system (ProBook 4440s) with a buggy DSDT, is the system BIOS the latest available?

There are also some options you could try adding to grub via YaST Bootloader and Kernel Options;

acpi_osi=\"!Windows 2012\"


Tools like acpitool don’t exist for openSUSE…

Look at dumping the table (as root user) and inspecting;

acpi_validate -v