Curioous Firefox problem

Suse 11.0. Laptop computer with Intel Processor. Started with KDE4 and FF3.0 and has continued with FF updates and upgrading to 4.1.

If there is a check button in an application like gmail, yahoo mail, etc to say delete an email or move it, the x does not show up when I click on it. I have to click outside the box and the “x” will show up.

Also, with some forums, If I am replying to a message and it is quoted above I cannot see the cursor. I can see it now as I am typing but if this were a reply I would not know the location of the cursor … plus, it’s not where you would think it would be. (I can tell if I use the return or space key)

I am using KWIN with 3d enabled, but minimal effects. Is this likely a FF bug or is it with OpenSuse??

Thanks in advance.

I’m on 10.3, and upgraded the FF package, I had issues with a bunch of stuff. When I clicked on Edit/Pref’s, nothing came up. I’m not sure if it’s the FF or Java update. I put them both on at the same time.

I’m in the process of restoring the machine.


Have you tried turning KDE desktop effects off? Also make sure compiz isn’t running either.

Yes, I’ve seen it happen in some situations, not always. Could be non-compliant HTML that worked before the browser got strict.

It’s theme related. I switched to Noia 2.0 eXtreme and it quit. Problem now is there are no scroll bars in the side bar so I can’t see all of my themes. Might have to uninstall sidebar add-on.

Anyway, I still have the problem in Phoenity, Mostly Crystal, Azerty III and any of the Aero themes.

Solved the sidebar problem. I just uninstalled it. It’s a pain and I would rather access addons and themes through the tools menu.

However, the disappearing checkmarks has returned even in the new theme.

Anyway, has anyone found a solution for this. I am using KWIN with effects turned on. Compiz is installed but not running.

Update on the disappearing checkmarks. It is NOT theme related. Out of curiosity I installed Gnome 2.22 from suse repos and got it up and running. Compositing is not running - either native or compiz-fusion.

This problem does NOT occur in FF3.01 in Gnome. I logged out and logged back in to KDE4.1.1 and there it was. If clicked on an email in FF like gmail or hotmail, the checkmark was not visible until I clicked somewhere outside the box. All compositing and “effects” are turned off in KDE as well.

BTW, Gnome 2.22 is pretty nice. Simple and sleek. I miss the plasmoids, but I understand Gnome 2.24 will have some new features. When KDE4.1.1 gets a little more developed (just downloaded 412 mb of updates tonight) I may go back to it.

Have a look at cario-dock, it may be similar?

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Have a look at cario-dock, it may be similar?

Cairo-dock - Accueil

Can’t say as I understand why you posted this as it has nothing to do with the problem I described.

As for Cairo-Dock I find it to be a work in progress. Some of it works but often I have to open a terminal and “killall cairo-dock” when it locks up. I would prefer that they simplify it without so many custom features and have it work more reliably.

Right now it’s just bling that serves no real purpose.

It was about your Gnome comment and plasmoids, which from what I gather
(not a KDE user on a regular basis) was similar to cario-dock. Hmmm,
when I do use it, never had to kill it off?

And yes it is bling :slight_smile:

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I see. No, Cairo-Dock doesn’t add anything to Gnome similar to plasmoids. Plasmoids are closer to gdesklets or superkaramba. They are little programs that run on your desktop. You can also add some of them to the taskbar or using superkaramba. Most work, but a few still don’t. The latest release fixed Lancelot which is a pretty cool menu program. It also fixed the weather plasmoid and the stock quote plasmoid.

Anyway, it’s nice to have two choices; Gnome or KDE. When Gnome 2.24 comes out there are supposed to be more enhancements to the interface and a new IM program called “Affinity.” It will replace Pidgin.