CUPS YaST update mess

EHLO folks. I am in need of some advice regarding CUPS. Until the 12th of December 09, I had nicely running CUPS 1.4.2 system on 11.2 SuSE. I apparently blindly authorized YaST via the Updater applet to “update” CUPS. What I am left with is a dysfunctional mixed bag of 1.4.2 and 1.3.11 and I need to know how to best fix this mess.

W [14/Dec/2009:18:50:10 -0500] [Job 17] Failed to read side-channel request!
E [14/Dec/2009:18:53:49 -0500] Unknown configuration directive MakeModel on line 6 of printers.conf.

<cups port 631 web admin UI anomalies, as seen on Firefox tabs>
“cups Home - CUPS 1.4.2”
“Administration - CUPS 1.3.11”
“Classes - CUPS 1.3.11”
“Help - CUPS 1.3.11”

…& probably many others I have yet to notice.

I initially went to YaST to back out the packages I noted in the “/var/log/YaST2/y2log”, but after seeing some ugly dependency warnings, I backed out and thought I should get some advice

thank you for your time and consideration.

Posr result of this:

rpm --query --all 'cups*'

pabst: # rpm --query --all ‘cups*’
pabst: #

Btw, can those packages really accommodate 1.3.11 AND 4.2.1 CUPS? I call shenanigans.

I get:

rpm --query --all 'cups*'

I think you are confused by the version numbering
Ver= 1.3.11-4.2.1

CUPS - Explained - openSUSE Forums

Ah, I see where I lost you. I was, for some reason, seeing 1.4.2 in the cups-blah-blah-1.3.11-4.2.1.i586 packaging. 1.4.2 != 4.2.1. I blame dyslexia and late nights.

In any case, my problem remains. Right after I built my 11.2 SuSE system, I downloaded, compiled, and installed CUPS 1.4.2 from and all was well (printing worked well, no web admin errors). I may have done this right over the top of whatever base CUPS packages I had loaded on the SuSE install, so that could have been my first mistake.

A few days ago, however, the updater scrogged my installation because I didn’t pay attention to the CUPS packages it had queued up. Since my 1.4.2 wasn’t on my system via rpm packaging, I am guessing (correct me if I am mistaken) that YaST/rpm never saw the 1.4.2 CUPS.

Is my best course of action to remove all my cups related rpm’s listed earlier and recompile/make/install the 1.4.2? Would hplip break if I remove cups rpms?

I just don’t know how to best fix this.

thanks for your time

Why would you download CUPS. It is installed by default!?

CUPS 1.3 branch is the default install, as I recall. I thought I’d run 1.4

But it sure looks like the default in that list.
WHY would you want to try compiling a different version and do you actually know what you are doing?

My advice for now is to try this. Use Software Management to search for cups, then in the list that appears, select to re-install each package.