Cups: Some nasty error NT_STATUS_UNSUCCESFUL

When I send a print job from a windows client to a shared printer on a box running opensuse 11.3 x86_64 (pre and post kernel and cups update yesterday) from a windows smb client, I get the cups/error_log on the server complaining of it cannot connecting to my netbios name (local and/or vpn ipv4 address).

I disabled ipv6 and cupsd.conf contains only listen localhost, local lan and vpn ipv4 address directives.

By the way, after updating it seems that cups’ error_log states that

E [22/Sep/2010:14:05:36 -0300] Unable to bind socket for address ::1:631 - Cannot assign requested address.

Wow, is there more than one problem here… any advice?

::1:631 is ipv6.

That was the second issue I was talking about.
I wondered while I was writing the post whether yast is indeed disabling ipv6 at all… as this was an earlier issue regarding ipv6 compiled into the kernel.